Blue Sky Landscaping Offers Full-Service Commercial Lawn Care & Groundskeeping for your property.  Our services includes the following:

  • Regular property inspections with your account manager.
  • Litter pickup.  
  • Regular mowing.  All turf to be cut to the optimal length for the time of year.  Clippings will be discharged onto lawn surface.  (Better for your lawn, nutrients to the soil)
  • String Trim & Cleanup is included.  All permanent structures in the turf areas to be trimmed free of any grass that is above the normal mowing height.
  • Your property, walkways and driveway to be cleaned with power blowers after every mowing
  • During the growing season, all turf areas will be serviced to the height of 3.0-4.0”.
  • Services are provided throughout the maintenance period. 

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