Save Time & Money by Cleaning Up Your Leaves
Ensure Your Yard Looks Green & Beautiful

Leaves are nature’s fertilizer! Remember your grass and plants in general love to eat too and they get their food from nutrients left in the soil.

One of the primary ways nutrients come into the solid is through the decay of leaves. Leaves do eventually break down and provide essential nutrients to your top soil. This is a good thing. Usually.


Why do you need to clean-up those leaves?

Fall leaves are a beautiful mark of the changing season, but the leaves that fall can damage your lawn. Heavy wet leaves tend to smother the grass below them, once on the ground.

If leaves sit on the ground all fall and winter – come spring time the grass will not take advantage of the warm sunlight.

When things decay in your yard, this invites growth of fungus and mold. The spores potentially could spread and cause unwanted mushrooms and other nastiness to form in your yard. This means a higher investment of chemical treatments when you could have just saved time and money by cleaning up your leaves.

Don’t worry though, your lawn doesn’t have to look bad. We offer a range of methods to dispose of your leaves. We can vacuum them up and take them away or pile them up and out of the way to be used by you as compost later on!

Let your Blue Sky account manager know your preference when you reach out to schedule your next leaf removal service.

Some companies charge a high hourly rate. We at Blue Sky Landscaping believe in bringing value and quality. That’s why we provide a standard minimum for leaf removal. This brings you high quality work at the lowest possible cost.

No matter when you have your leaf removal done, know that it will be done efficiently, cleanly, and expeditiously! There is no other way than the Blue Sky way!

clean-up those leaves

Our Professional Team Cleaning Up Leaves

Save Time & Money Cleaning Up the Leaves on Your Yard
Maximize the Beauty and Health of Your Lawn
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