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A Glimpse Into the Picturesque Landscaping, Community, and Rich History of Oakton, VA

Recently, Money magazine put out an article that was titled “Best Places to Live: Money’s List of America’s Best Small Towns.” And if you are thinking Oakton, Va, made that list you would be absolutely correct. They ranked #36 out of the top 100. Oakton is considered to be a “small town” but it’s mostly a nice friendly residential area that harbors a long rich history that’s completely equestrian and was full of farming life.


Oakton,Va isn’t technically considered to be a town due to the fact that it lacks a local government. Oakton shares its air with Fairfax County which is a suburb out of Washington D.C. Oakton has been designated to be a “Census Designated Place (CPD), and it has its very own zip code (222124).

Housing in Oakton, VA

On average, homes in Oakton are mostly made up of single-family houses that sit on grounds of about ½ to 2+ acres. There are also a fair amount of townhomes and condos down near the southeastern end, which is near the Metro.


One interesting and fun thing about living in Oakton is its long history of equestrian and farming beginnings, you can ride horses just about anywhere throughout the trails that have been there for decades, it’s perfect for avid horseback riders.


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But, Of Course, There Is More to Do Than Horseback Riding

When you’re in Oakton, you get a sense of whimsy, with its rolling hills that are avidly maintained by local landscapers. Just like the company Blue Sky Landscaping, they maintain the overall history of the landscapes they service. They create complete plans of all of the projects that are going to be completed and when they are finished with their work, the landscaping is beautiful and it once again has the greatest ability to have unique aesthetics in every flower planted, lawn mulched, and irrigation system installed.


Not only does Oakton have beautifully landscaped backyards to gaze upon, but there are many interesting easy-to-find creeks to walk through and find arrowheads, rocks, or even tadpoles. They are also known for their selection of natural parks that are fun for any kind of hiking or picnic.


Not only that, but Oakton has a rather exciting and unique W&OD trail that was specially designed for all kinds of different biking and hiking.

Oakton Is Beautiful But It Blends With Fairfax County

It needs to be said more than once that Okaton is a beautifully quiet and safe town with many eccentric characteristics you just don’t see too much anymore in the smaller towns all across America. Most of them used to have a Main street where all of the shops, the bank, and restaurants would be lined up down the whole street from the beginning of the town to the exit.


Today those Main streets are filled with vacant, broken down, and abandoned old buildings or the buildings have been completely torn down and vacant lots fill both sides of the streets as you drive down the road. But Oakton still has its very own street of shops, one grocery store, and restaurants to catch a quick bite to eat.

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There Are Highly Rated Schools in Oakton, VA

Did you know that most schools in this country are seriously struggling with keeping kids engaged and they are having a terrible time trying to keep the kids in school so they can complete their schooling and ultimately graduate.


That can’t be said about Oakton’s school of choice, Fairfax County Public School. It’s actually ranked in the top 6% in the entire United States! Now that’s what I call real dedicated educating.

Not only that but bot of the other schools which serve Oakton (and nearby areas) are also schools that are also high ranking schools amongst all of the Fairfax County Schools.


I did some digging and found a list of Fairfax County High Schools that are high ranking schools and serve Oakton, you know, in case you decide to pick up everything and transfer to Oakton just for the great education for your children. They include the following:


Schools That Serve Oakton,VA
1.Oakton High School
2. Fairfax High School
3. Madison High School


You should also keep in mind that not only do these nearby schools serve Oakton but these school’s attendance areas actually stretch way out to other nearby areas just like Fairfax, Reston, and Vienna. This allows us to see how Oakton really does blend in so much with other neighboring areas within the County’s boundaries.

Oakton is Right Smack Dab In the Middle of Fairfax County!

All of the people who currently reside in or live near Oakton’s southeastern end can essentially leave their house and start walking and walk to the last stop of the Orange Metro line, Vienna, which as we all know goes directly into Washing D.C.


Wow, just think of being able to walk to the Metro stop from home without needing to use a driving service or have to worry about gas burning up fast while driving there yourself, and since it’s within commuting distance that definitely makes it a convenient way to commute to and from work each day.


Anyone who has to drive to work throughout the city, they can easily find this extremely easy access point that goes directly to the famous Route 66, and if you didn’t already know, that route is the easiest and most direct way to make your way into Washington D.C.


We know that Oakton is just a stone’s throw away from Washington D.C. but it’s also rather close to other cities and towns such as Reston, Tysons Corner, and Vienna, which of course are awesome locations for employment, shopping, and overall fun adventures.


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Oakton,Va is a wonderful place full of beautifully maintained landscaping, and now that I’ve brought up their landscaping beauty, let me remind you of the services Blue Sky Landscaping company can provide for you: they provide commercial and residential lawn care and groundskeeping and much more. If you live near Oakton, VA never hesitate to utilize their services. They are one of the reasons Oakton is such a magnificent place to reside.