Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Protect and Extend the Life of your Shrubs and Trees with Blue Sky Landscaping


As a full-service lawn and landscaping company, we have the expertise and experience in maintaining and caring for trees for property owners in Northern Virginia.


If you want to ensure the long-term health and integrity of your landscape and keep it looking its best, entrusting the maintenance and landscaping work to a team of skilled lawn care professionals is your best bet.


Professional landscape technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop a comprehensive ornamental tree and shrub care plan for your property year-round, tackling everything from trimming shrubs and flowers come springtime, to regularly fertilizing and aerating soil during the summer months.


In addition, lawn care professionals also provide advice on how best to create a landscape that will truly enhance whatever outdoor space you’re working with, be that a residential yard or commercial grounds. So if you’re serious about keeping your landscape beautiful and healthy in the long term, consider working with qualified lawn and landscape professionals as an investment- one that will definitely reap rewards down the road.


Blue Sky Landscaping understands that your trees, shrubs, and hedges are invaluable investments, contributing to the beauty of your property. We understand that plants have different needs than grass and require specialized attention to ensure are thriving nicely over time. Our experienced landscapers are trained to recognize the signs of pests, drought, stress, and disease to keep them healthy. As a premier provider of ornamental shrub and tree care services, it’s our job to protect and nurture these investments so that you can take pleasure from them for years.


Trees are much more than aesthetically pleasing – they serve an important purpose in keeping our world sustainable.


  • Act as natural air filters by capturing pollutants
  • Provide shelter and sustenance for wildlife,
  • Function as a sun shield in the summer.


What’s better is that if strategically planted, trees can also provide shade over your house and keep the temperature up to 10 degrees cooler. While taking care of your trees may seem daunting, working with our lawn care specialists here at Blue Sky Landscaping simplifies the task significantly. You will get regular visits from our team of experienced tree care technicians who will ensure maximum results and make sure your trees are strong and healthy.


Tree & Shrub Programs:

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Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Sap Sucker Damage
Sap Sucker Damage
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Root Girdle
Root Girdle

Take Advantage of Our Year-Round Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Treatments


We will visit your home five time to implement the following treatments to your trees and shrubs:


Integrated Pest Management Program


Integrated pest management (IPM) is a comprehensive system of controlling pests that relies on a variety of approaches including cultural techniques and the strategic use of pesticides.


Utilizing IPM in turfgrass management helps to ensure vigorous plant growth, creating a lawn that can tolerate higher levels of pest pressures. Effective IPM strategies include selecting disease and insect-resistant varieties, proper mowing practices, appropriate fertilization, and irrigation, as well as using pesticides strategically when necessary. The goal is not to exclude pesticide use, but rather to reduce reliance on them by balancing cultural control methods for a more efficient approach.


Here at Blue Sky Landscaping, we take a comprehensive approach to Integrated Pest Management for residential, commercial and HOAs in Northern Virginia. Before any work is done, we undertake the following steps to ensure successful implementation of our IPM services:




The first step in our process is inspecting for signs of pest activity. This involves both visual inspection and a thorough review of your property’s history. We look for indicators like holes in the lawn or soil that could indicate tunneling activity or other evidence such as chewed grass blades or insect droppings.




We understand that different types of pests require different treatment methods depending on their biology, habits, and behavior. Our team of seasoned lawn care experts will accurately identify the type of pest present before any work is done.




Once we identify the type of pest present on your lawn, we need to determine the threshold for pest damage. This refers to determining what level of infestation is acceptable before action needs to be taken.




Once we have determined the threshold for damage then we can choose which Integrated Pest Management strategies will best address any issues that may arise from having unwanted pests on your property. Here at Blue Sky Landscaping, we consider all possible options when choosing strategies including cultural controls, mechanical controls, biological controls, and chemical controls.


Integrated Pest Management Strategies in Northern Virginia


  • Biological Control


Biological control is an efficient way of managing pests in your Northern Virginia lawn. By introducing natural predators, competitors and diseases that are found in our environment, it can disrupt the cycle of destruction caused by unwanted visitors to a perfectly manicured landscape.


These strategies are commonly used in IPM biological control:


  • Installing bird feeders to attract beneficial birds
  • Applying Bacillus thuringiensis – a bacterium which naturally combats common pests
  • Releasing helpful nematodes as microscopic worms
  • Eradicating pest infestations through pheromone applications to disturb their mating cycles.


Using these methods of biological control has several advantages over using chemical solutions or relying on manual labor alone.


  • Safe for both people and pets alike since they involve using naturally occurring organisms instead of toxic chemicals.
  • No residual effects left behind after acting against a pest infestation as there may be when using pesticides or herbicides
  • Requires minimal effort

Plant Resistant Turfgrass Varieties


When it comes to turfgrass varieties, certain species provide an extra layer of protection against seasonal pests and can help maintain a healthy outdoor habitat. With specially-bred resistant varieties of turfgrass, homeowners can rest assured that their outdoor space is better able to handle temperature fluctuations as well as any infestations caused by pests.


In addition to providing a more resilient garden, using these resilient plants and turfgrasses allows you to save valuable resources like water, fertilizer, and labor that would be needed for frequent pest control treatments.


In Northern Virginia, tall fescue adapts nicely when introduced on Northern Virginia lawns. This cool-season grass is widely known for its deep root system, which in turn allows it to absorb nutrients and water in deeper soil layers. Lastly, it is highly resistant to drought, making it an excellent year-round turf grass variety.


  • Cultural Controls


Knowing the overall condition of your lawn is a great way to understand what needs attention and start working on cultural control. Cultural controls refer to strategies and tools lawn care professionals use to prevent pests from reproducing and persisting.


Fertilizers, proper hydration, soil treatment, and supplements that promote nutrient balance, planting suitable vegetation for prevailing weather in Northern Virginia, and optimal mowing practices are all essential elements of cultural control on your property. Doing so will leave you with a lush lawn worth bragging about.


  • Mechanical Controls


It is possible to apply a variety of mechanical control methods as part of our IPM services to provide pest preventive measures. Such practices include:


  • Building barriers and fences to keep larger insects and pests at bay
  • Manually removing pests from the lawn and shrubs
  • Deploying mechanical traps for pests
  • Manipulating pest habitats by reducing clutter, including leaf piles and debris
  • Removing flowerpots that may accumulate water.


A key component of successful mechanical control is understanding how modifying the environment can benefit your lawn. For instance, aeration has a big role to play in reducing the likelihood of mosquito infestations since it helps to enhance overall drainage conditions and prevent stagnant water. When combined with other aspects of our IPM services in Northern Virginia, such as biological controls, chemical controls, physical controls, and cultural controls you can create an environment that reduces pest populations instead of posing potential hazardous risks.




Once these strategies are implemented our lawn care professionals will monitor their effectiveness by evaluating outcomes such as reduced pest populations or improved crop yields due to fewer losses from pest damage over time.


At Blue Sky Landscaping, we understand that successful integrated pest management (IPM) begins with careful and accurate monitoring. In IPM, monitoring is not only used to determine which treatment methods to use but also to measure how treatment strategies are affecting pest populations and whether additional interventions are required.


As premier experts in ornamental tree and shrub care, we conduct regular manual checks of your lawn. In addition to this, we employ industry-leading tools to track pest activity, as traps can provide useful insights into any active infestations.


Finally, if you’re serious about getting superior outcomes from our IPM program, we will perform a full soil check is an essential to keep your landscape healthy.



Blue Sky Landscaping is committed to using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when it comes to ornamental tree and shrub care. We believe in only using pesticides as a last resort after all non-chemical control options have been exhausted. Pesticides are formulated to limit, repel, or eradicate specific types of pests and include any form of chemical control in the form of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides.


All Blue Sky Landscaping professionals understand that pesticides should take up the smallest slice of the pie when it comes to pest control implementation.


Our comprehensive visit also includes integral services that enable us to manage and treat common pests and diseases that plague lawns in Northern Virginia, including:


  • Horticultural oil application towards the end of winter to early spring
  • Tree and shrub Inspection and application of insect anti desiccant prevention in spring
  • Tree and shrub Inspection and application of insect anti desiccant prevention in summer
  • Tree and shrub Inspection and application of insect anti desiccant prevention in fall
  • Horticultural oil application in winter


Blue Sky Landscaping offers ornamental tree and shrub care services that use horticultural oils to control pests. These products are applied directly to plant foliage and woody surfaces, providing more effective control than traditional insecticides. Customers can be sure that their pest problems will be taken care of swiftly and effectively with horticultural oil applications in winter and spring.


On the other hand, our insect anti-desiccant treatments are applied to the foliage of evergreen plants to slow the rate at which moisture is lost. This helps them maintain their natural protective coatings and stay hydrated but not over saturated in water during longer periods of dry weather. With Blue Sky Landscaping’s help, you can rest assured that your evergreen trees and shrubs are receiving the highest level of care and will remain healthy despite any extreme weather conditions.

Spring Fertilization Treatment


When it comes to fertilization in the springtime, Blue Sky recommends applying fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content to provide fast and efficient nutrition for plants at the beginning of the growing season.


Additionally, our lawn care experts will introduce fast release and slow-release form of nitrogen for optimal benefits, with fast-release nitrogen for an immediate surge of growth, and slow-release nitrogen applied over time during the season.


Our springtime fertilizer application is a highly flexible process, so we will work with you to customize a fertilization solution that best fits your landscape needs and budget.


Fall Fertilization Treatment


Blue Sky Landscaping advises that the key to successful ornamental tree and shrub care is to understand when and how to apply fertilizer. Late summer and early fall should primarily be a time of lower-nitrogen fertilization, intended to provide essential minerals and nutrients in preparation for the upcoming growing season.


While a higher level of nitrogen can help boost growth, it can also cause late leaf development that may not survive cold winter temperatures – something Blue Sky Landscaping works hard to avoid. Our expert staff are on hand to advise how best to manage your trees during this important period.


Intensive Foliar Application


For Blue Sky Landscaping, foliar feeding has become a preferred method of delivering small amounts of liquid fertilizer to trees and shrubs. This method greatly simplifies ornamental tree and shrub care since it allows for rapid nutrient uptake and avoid the inconvenience of root delivery.


Furthermore, we at Blue Sky Landscaping can blend pesticides with the fertilizer being delivered via foliar feeding, making sure that our clients get the best results with each treatment. Additionally, by expertly adding micronutrients throughout this process, Blue Sky Landscaping ensures that our client’s trees and shrubs will remain healthy for many years to come.

Deep Root Fertilization Strategies


 Blue Sky Landscaping offers deep root feeding for ornamental trees and shrubs, supplying essential nutrients directly into the root zone.


Using an injector pipe, our lawn care professionals carefully apply the nutrient blend below the surface of your soil where the roots are located. This method is important to reduce the chances that water, wind, or grassroots will erode all the rich nutrients your plants need.


Our deep root fertilization treatment works best on larger trees and shrubs since they usually have longer roots that stretch far into the ground. If these essential nutrients are not present in your soil, you may eventually see a decline in the health of your outdoor plants and trees. Blue Sky Landscaping’s deep root feeding process can help ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs get exactly what they need to maintain good health.


Blue Sky Landscaping has been providing Northern Virginia property owners with comprehensive ornamental tree and shrub care services for many years. No landscape job is too small or too big as we at Blue Sky Landscaping offer year-round personalized care to keep your plants not only healthy, but also vibrant. Whether you need Integrated Pest Management or lawn mowing, Blue Sky Landscaping’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will help with every aspect of your landscaping needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Blue Sky Landscaping at (703) 957-3105 to protect your most cherished investment.

Blue Sky Landscaping provides the highest level of ornamental tree and shrub care services in Northern Virginia. Our team of knowledgeable and courteous lawn care professionals are committed to using a proactive approach in protecting your lawn from diseases, pests, or other issues. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate.