Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Blue Sky Landscaping offers full service ornamental tree and shrub care.  Our technicians are trained to spot damaging insects and treat appropriately.

  • Have you ever wondered why your plants look dry even though they are receiving sufficient moisture?
    • Insects are your most likely culprit.
  • Are your ‘otto luyken’ or ‘skip’ laurels turning brown?  
    • Scale is lurking in your shrub.
  • Are your arborvitaes turning brown, even with regular watering?
    • Mites may be in your shrubs.
  • Are your crape myrtles turning black?
    • Aphids are the cause.

Our IPM Program will control damaging insects and keep your investment in your landscape safe while under our care.  We offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our programs.

Ornamental trees and shrubs also need nutrients to maintain their health and vigor.  Our fertilization program will provide to your landscape exactly what is needed to ensure healthy foliage and beautiful flowers.

Tree & Shrub Programs:

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

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Common Forms of Damage

Root Girdle

Mite Damage

Lace Bug Damage

Scale Damage

Sap Sucker Damage


Sooty Mold & Scale

Lace Bug Damage

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